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We put in the Fishin’ Physician Assistant this am at about 7 am, after gassing up and double checking everything. After a quick launch and test run, we were fishing by 7 am.. and man what a day it was!


I had my brothers, niece and nephews on the boat. The kids wanted action, and the the cookie cutter browns were out in force and apparently very hungry (We had 6 doubles and a triple along with a steady bite all day). We kept only the injured fish (and those I dropped while trying to take pictures). Bay rats in goby and bright colors were hot, though everything worked. There was pockets of good water in all directions. The boat worked well and we finished by about 11:20, as scripted.



The icing on the cake was this gorgeous Atlantic. We also caught a baby king...




Hopefully back at it next week!






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Good fishing, the kids look like there loving it. Is there gonna be another video of this trip?lol. Think i watched all ur videos 3x’s over durring the long winter months.  Keep em coming:yes:

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There will be a video hachimo. Might take me a minute- a lot to sort through

The Fishin’ Physician Assistant

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