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8 hours ago, guffins fisherman said:

I run Big Papa bags and love them.  A far as putting them out by yourself, I would say maybe put the boat in neutral and put the bags in, try to sink/fill them as best you can and put her in gear and watch them to make sure they fill up once moving again.  That way you won't veer to one side at first.  IDK.  Just a thought.

Being hard to deploy / retrieve defeats the purpose of them IMO . 

I toss them over to deploy or  grab the rope and bring them in  easily and hang them on a rod holder  . That's what I like about them . Small speed changes without adjusting the throttle. If I hook a good one  I can reach back and drop both like it's nothing while playing the fish  . Can't imagine being without them . If it's rough I keep both out to stabilize the boat and up my rpms while trolling into the waves. 

And the best part , FREE ! :-) :-)

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Great discussion on bags. I run two 22" Amish bags on an 18ft Lund. Great stabilizer and easy to deploy. The one thing to keep in mind though is to not forget to pull them before hitting the throttle to go to a new spot!!!

PS - I deploy them by myself all the time by merely throwing them over the side and 90% of the time they open on their own!!!


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