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Canandaigua Woodville report

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You guys are too much:lol:.but Mike I appreciate the kind words especially coming from you. Hey Stan I don't think they will put the book (if it is even published:smile:) on Kindle so maybe the worries are over:lol: Many people don't look at actual books anymore....

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Googly Eyes, great memories Mike! He has a "new" secret weapon that will get him the winner each year at the Seneca derby.

I bet there isn't a page 13 in his book......superstitious, maybe

All you people building his ego is gonna make it tough for me to carry his head on my truck and on my boat when we go fishing this year.

He is a joy and a concern rolled up into one entertaining fishing buddy:itwasntme:

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How the hell did this stuff get going?...You guys do make me sound like a real piece of work and that part is probably accurate:lol:

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