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Well made it from S Dayton to Wilson with the boat an a little help from friends. After minor issues with boat. Got the Dances with Fish in the water for next 45 days or so. Got on water to fish about 2 ish. Good size chop out of west. It was rough as hell. No color besides way In so we pointed her west in the waves. Two 2 color on out side, flat line sticks on inside. Two riggers and a one color down the shoot with spoons.  Two color with a ss in glow frog was good. Two hrs ended up with 4 browns and three lakers. So happy to be in slip with nothing horrible wrong. Looking forward to the next month or so. 


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On 4/10/2019 at 10:45 PM, RD9 said:

I believe so drove it across lake o last May. 

That's the boat. It was docked on our dock before being sold. Good luck with it.

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