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Cayuga Need to get out on my new to me boat

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Long story short, the family was supposed to go on vacation next week but our plans got canceled. I bought a new to me boat last year, its an Alumacraft 145 fisherman with a 25 hp tiller.  Anyway I want to try and get my boat out with my son at some point next week and try jigging for lakers on Cayuga.  We will be driving from Big Flats and just wondering if anyone would share a good starting location.  I have jigged lakers on Keuka a few times but never tried Cayuga.  We have been hitting the fish in the streams pretty good but I am really excited to get out on my boat!!  Any tips for fishing Cayuga, if they are different than Keuka would also be appreciated.  Thanks in advance!!  Mike


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It sounds like people are catching out if all launches.. reports I have seen say launches from Myers yo longpoint to deans cover all catching


I fishing the very South end last weekend looking to see if it was warm enough on surface and it wasn't... Switched to Laker fishing and did ok in front yacht club


I will say they a lot of fish were wayyyyyy down.. many marks down 180 over 400 fow and our riggers were parked at 140 down



That said we also marked them on bottom in the 100 range

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Thanks for the info bandrus! And thanks for the other coments as well.


I think I may try Myers and it looks like my only day would be Wednesday looking at the wind forcast. We may start out just casting stick baits and see what happens then move out to 70- 100 foot range and try jigging.  Hopefully I will report back with a good report Thursday.


Thanks again!

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On 4/17/2019 at 9:26 AM, thork9 said:

What winds do you look at as far as safety on Cayuga,? Bad with south winds I’d expect.

Wind from any direction can be a problem at high velocity and it also depends on where you are on the (or a) lake. Some lakes have cliffs and/ or trees on the shoreline that can block some of the wind if run closer to shore in the direction it is coming from. You just have to use good judgement....and pay close attention to your own intuition there are wind conditions  that nobody should be out there regardless of size or type of boat. In the Finger Lakes launching/fishing a south end location can usually be done with relatively high south wind or that same thing at the north end when wind is reversed but it will get rougher the further you get from that end of the lake toward the middle. With east and west winds hugging the shoreline may help create a fishable condition but you may also have to modify your technique or approach (e.g. run less or different equipment and closer to the boat sometimes). Sometimes you can manage the boat running the big motor rather than the trolling motor going into the wind while maintaining trolling speed.

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