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We left the boat launch at 7:30 am. There was a bunch of boats around shipbuilders so we motored down closer to Webster park and set up in 20 fow. Started marking fish and had a couple quick hits from small browns and dropped them both. Found some good water in front of Webster park with some small schools of bait and picked up a brown about 8 or 9 pounds as soon as we trolled through it. I wanted to turn back on it but I seen a charter boat about to turn on it so I let them have it. Trolled down a few miles past hedges and the screen was pretty blank down there.headed back west we decided to try a little deeper and picked another nice brown. We were marking alot of fish in 25 to 30 fow so we stuck with it even with the slow bite. Then some better bites started to come with some screaming drags. We ended up going 3 for 4 on kings in that little deeper water. Hot bait for the day was a wrecking ball super slim behind a small #0 dipsy. That took all but one fish. The other king bit a glow frog super slim behind a small dipsy.worked hard for our bites today but it ended up paying off. My phone died before I could get a pic of the biggest king that was pushing 19 or 20 pounds.




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2 hours ago, Bassin Bob said:

What speed may I ask?  I found fish in the same depths. Maked lots. Only caught browns.  I was near Oswego. 

We were going 2.7 to 3 sog

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