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2009 New Dreamweaver Colours

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You know there has to be a hammer, so we will have 2 versions of that, a 50/50 Chaquita style, a Diehard, also a couple Black/Chrome/Glow green versions, Black/Purple Chrome, that's about it, we never keep secrets :P

Should have these and all the new versions in stock in the weeks ahead, then everyone can stare at them for the next 4 months while we are bored out of our minds and waiting for our shakedowns..............cause we certainly won't be able to use them till then. lol


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Ummmm.... Not sure, waiting to assign SKU numbers and build remaining stock of some of our newer colors for 2009, I would guess into January we will have updates on the site and such, and after the Triple SSS distributor show in later January we can usually have figured out what will be most popular from the line-up so we know what to have ready for the shops to pick up first.

Don't worry, we will be sure to throw some extra into your future orders !!!!!! :o


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