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Youth opener

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Had the opportunity to take out the farmers daughter for her first turkey hunt. He was to busy and has no clue about turkey's but they have them and that's all we needed.
Yesterday morning off the roost we had a longbeard and 2 Jake's hang up at 50 then they walked away . Then 2 hens came in and one had a beard so she wanted to shoot it. But missed 20 yards . No big deal I told her . We then go to her uncles farm and got a longbeard running in about 80 yards away but a pack of Jake's came in and they all went the other way. 3rd spot we see 4 long beards in a hedgerow. we get to it and call ..... They hammer and run into 20 yards... Miss. No big deal ... Lol What a day even tho no bird, best part she had a good attitude after 2 easy shots .
We go back to her farm this morning and had the same longbeard hang up and won't come out in the field, so we circle around and call.... 3Pack of Jake's coming from the other direction so we sit down and they come in hammering to a nice 15 yard shot !!!
I hope I didn't just lose a hunting spot [emoji28]

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