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Personal Goals for 2019

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With the musky season 30 days away, was wondering if anyone else has set any personal musky fishing goals for the year?


-2017 I set a goal of 50 fish and accomplished that, in 2018 I set the same 50 fish goal along with a 55". 

Accomplished the #s but not the size. 

Anyone else care to share?

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My season started in March, but...

Spend quality time with my dad on the water.

Continue to teach my daughter how to catch muskies, what's important about the sport, and have fun doing it.

Continue to learn new Canadian water and techniques.

Just fish and stay away from the drama, internet experts, online bashing, and overpriced lure sales/raffles/collecting.

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I have another goal;enter a fish in a tournament. It’s gotten ridiculous how many times I’ve been blanked. Everything I catch is 28” or a bass. Every Otisco tournament. Couple Chautauqua,couple Waneta,Syracuse,Fulton chain. Everything is short or a bass. Not looking to win, just get on the board.

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Agree with all above. I'll go with old man on getting some points on the board other than the "participation" points...


Outside of tourney:

45" fish

Boat 20 masquinongy this season

Get nephew and a few friends on their first masquinongy (side goal to get at least one of them chasing )

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my goal is to hit bobs lake in Ontario canada this year and a small lake south of alex bay for a day trip. rest of the time  ill be on the st Lawrence... hopefully catch our first musky on the st Lawrence. just switching over to musky fishing.... season 1 goby slayer out

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