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Beautiful morning. Went 15/15 with 14 browns and 1 rainbow. caught two that were too small to keep, the keepable fish were all over 18". Rainbow was 25". Water temp averaged around 44*. Fished in 18 FOW. Riggers down 10 and dipsy's out 60' on 3 setting. At about 9 we slid out to 30' and caught a few there as well. at 11AM we tried moving out deeper to 70 FOW in search of lakers but no takers. Water is 38* out there and we marked no fish. Seems like most had a good day yesterday. This was our first time limiting out on Browns, proof anyone can do it! I'm sure with this weather pattern coming in this report doesn't mean much. I likely won't be on the water for another week and a half. Good luck to all. 





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Thanks! Launch looks great as of last week. You shouldn’t have any issues. I saw guys with anywhere from driftboats to 26’+ charter boats. They put the docks in two weeks ago. 


Although it is is pouring here now (I live 5 miles from Mexico point). 

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