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I guess I knew the water would be muddy after the strong west blow, and man was it ever. The best description I would use is cholocate milk. I couldn’t see my rigger ball down 3-5 most of the day!


We worked a shoreline brown program, but a bit deeper due to the muddy water. Shockingly, our first hour and a half was silent- no hits at all. Finally, way to the west we got them fired up- we started with a fire drill, 9 fish in an hour on essentially the same program. We slowly switched to perch pattern and bright green stuff and that did the trick. We worked the green water out deeper in 10-20 and did well. No kings for us, but a few coho and a steelie. I heard some guys did kings to the east. All in all a decent day- if a bit slower than I expected.



The Fishin’ Physician Assistant


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