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Yankee's Spring King of the Lake report

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75 boat field and Team Yankee Troller for the win at the Spring King Of The Lake!


One hell of a start for Team Yankee Troller on the 2019 tournament trail. We went out today with an open mind not knowing what the big blow Saturday did to the lake/fish. We quickly dialed in a program and had a good pick for a few hours in the morning. We only had 10 Salmon bites today, and landed 9 of them. We tossed our fish in the cooler and only ever knew what the smallest fish was. We had no idea we had the weight we did until the fish hit the scales.


We put 86lbs on the scale, which was 4lbs more than second place. That was with a 12lb fish as our smallest. We also weighed the wrong fish for big fish and that cost us about a grand. For giggles we weighed our biggest after weigh in, and it was just under 21lbs.


We fished 50-60' of water for most of the day. Two fish came on spoons, and 3 were Familiar Bite meat fish. The spoons were a Stinger glow mixed veggies and a moonshine apple seed. One fish came off FishUSA 5 color Stealthcore, one on a diver, and three off our Cannon Downriggers.IMG_20190428_182617.jpeg


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I remember not so many years ago, you were fishing out of a bass boat, and how proud you  were when the first "Yankee Troller"  hit the lake.  Your results show what happens when you put in the time and do the work. Congrats on the win!


Jim S.

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