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Hemlock Invasive Asian swamp eels found in Hemlock

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You won’t believe what this guy pulled from Rochester's drinking water supply


Ummm ... swamp eels? From Asia?


No one could have predicted the latest invasive species that’s been cataloged in Hemlock Lake, the source of Rochester’s drinking water.

Yes, it's the Asian swamp eel, a creature whose native habitats are rice paddies and marshes 8,000 miles away from the isolated Finger Lake south of Rochester.

Seven of the finless fish, all recently deceased, were discovered in the lake by a college wildlife student over the last two weeks.


How the foot-long eels found their way to Hemlock remains a slimy, squirmy mystery.






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 Someone might be trying to get  a population started.. The people that lived in the areas where these fish are native  love to eat them.. Thats how several invasive fish species got started in the US,,   Same with Snakeheads...

 Globalism carries a steep price..



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