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Walleye opener!!!!! Who going where?!

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I am heading to buffalo harbor lake erie this Saturday. Going to troll around the hot spots and pray for some success. I know this community is for lake O but i figured its fishing and it really doesnt matter as long as you have a good report and catching fish! I will post ny success hopefully everyone can find time to get out!tight lines!


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Erie ice,

This afternoon what is left of the ice is on the Canada shore line, small boat harbor is clear. A couple of freighters came in and really busted the ice lose. You should be OK in the light, in the dark go very slow



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On 5/1/2019 at 5:29 PM, Gill-T said:


They are catching off the Catt on perch beds. Wait until sun is high. 

thanks good to know. Will they ever have he I90 fixed around the toll booths? What a Pain in the butt.

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