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Honeoye Lake for walleye?

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Any idea and how to catch walleye in Honeoye Lake? I was thinking of heading out to Lake Erie but I've been hearing reports of ice chunks. How is the population of walleye in Honeoye do people troll jig ,worm harnesses or plugs any info would be appreciated.


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There is a reason that the size limit is 15 inches on Honeoye vs. 18 on most other lakes. There are quite a few in there but they usually run small with just the occasional one in the mid twenty inch range and big ones are quite rare for most folks. There are many largemouth bass in there and they readily respond to most things put into the water so they can be a pain and especially crossing spawning beds and shallower areas around the periphery of the lake and this is real prevalent toward and into evening.:lol: All the things mentioned above can be used but again you may have some throwbacks. The lake is very shallow approx 30 ft maximum so a lot of flat area to troll through looking for them and especially if you aren't very familiar with the lake. Oneida might be a better choice for more structural or holding options or possibly even Owasco but again familiarity with the lake is a big plus.

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