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    • Oswego info please

      Thinking of making one last run with my dad Saturday. Is anybody doing anything in closer to shore other than circles in the harbor and combat fishing. Don't really want to go offshore for steelhead would rather fish for mature Kings. I know they're doing stuff in front of Salmon River but I don't have the temperament for that. Thank you to all   Sent from my SM-A505U using Lake Ontario United mobile app    

      in Open Lake Discussion

    • Budget spinning reel recommendations please!

      I'm looking to upgrade my Shimano Alivio 3000SFC as it's slightly too small with a low capacity. I'm on a tight budget of about £40, Looking for new or used fixed spool for lure fishing, about 4000 size and front drag. I've looked at Browning Backfire 640 going cheap on eBay, also the Rovex Ceratec 4000 but not found any real reviews on them. Also like the look of Shimano Exage 4000 which sells used around £30. I just want a good reel for lure fishing with my Daiwa rod that's rated 10-30

      in Open Lake Discussion

    • Rocchester fishing help please?

      Hello,    I'm new here. I just registered and posted a inew member introduction in the appropriate forum.   My wife & I are visiting a friend in Roccester NY during the 1st week of August. I'd like to do a little fishing. I'm mostly a surf fisher, do some NE groundfishing jigging & trout fish in small streams in south eastern PA. I say that to say I have no idea where to start, what to fish for or how in Roccester. I see the Guenesee river enters there & there is

      in Open Lake Discussion

    • Q about wind & shorebound please

      Gotta question bout wind, waves & water clarity please. Im visiting Rochester NY on Lake Ontario. Fished on a river inlet & caught some perch, white bass, rock bass etc.  Conditions were warm, clear & calm water. Last night wind changed. Now it’s 13 MPH outta NW. we’ve got 1.8 - 2’ waves & a noticeable clear / dirty water line. Water temp on beach dropped.  My question is how can I expect that to impact fishing? I’m guessing it’ll put perch off & or deeper

      in Open Lake Discussion

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