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for sale : usa Anchor, Anchor& Dock Lines, Nets, You Name The Price

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Located in Webster close to  Hard Road and Ridge Road just south of 104. ( Hegedorns is a good landmark) You name the price. Anchor 13# Hooker 21’-32’ boat: Anchor chain 10’ (.220”): Anchor line 9/16” 150’ (+/-) can be cut into dock, tow, or storm  lines: Anchor line 5/8” 200’ can be cut into dock, tow, or storm lines: Dock lines ¾” 10”-12” spliced eye 12’,22’and 22’: Dock, tow, or storm  5/8” line 72’: Dock lines 9/16”  10”–12” spliced eye 9’,10’,11’ and 16’: Dock lines 7/16”  10”–12” spliced eye 9’,9’,9’, 14’,15’, 18’ and 46’: Drift bags (2) 72” circumference X 3’ Long: Fender whips 5’,5’,6 ½’, 7’, 7 ½’, 8’, 11’, and 17’: Plastic battery box cover 15” X 8 ¼”: 500 GPH bilge pump:  Portable spotlight 5 ½”:  Landing nets: and  2 tackle boxes.  Located in Webster close to  Hard Road and Ridge Road just south of 104. ( Hegedorn is a good landmark)  You name the price.

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