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Welland Canal

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Need to make a trip thru the Welland shortly, first time! Do any of you guys have any advice on anything special to bring or tips on making the trip easy? I’ve heard to bring plenty of fenders and lines. 

Thank you in advance!!


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We made if thru the Welland Canal on Saturday with Matt Bedient of 716 Sportfishing piloting the boat! It took nearly 24 hours after leaving Barcelona Harbor on Lake Erie!! Made it thru without a scratch on the boat, a lot cleaner than we thought it was going to be as well.4E086B95-2819-49D1-BA5F-265FBB698EDF.thumb.jpeg.d5a684f5dbc904c0c6ecf0e4ac6d9f67.jpeg9101BF7B-1F70-4E1B-A440-48303B75CB6A.thumb.jpeg.e263d7ac8d28c4a778f843932d887eee.jpegC5D8633D-895E-42EF-86E2-8913716E6687.thumb.jpeg.1f47cc939a19b670febeb423577db420.jpegB4C1CD08-CAD7-4F13-A701-6BCCA93A663D.thumb.jpeg.5b83593ad93f12933b2beab1b3e74c20.jpeg

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