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Why We Fish


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Fishing with your children is a way of removing them from the influence of television, the kids down the street and those damn button boxes. Whether you go on the lake, a nearby pond or a trout stream getting the kids away from bad influences. Also it takes away the on the job influences of working parents.

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We fish because we like it , I like to feel like a kind of hunter, bring food to my family, sell it. I grew up fishing and I can't see my life without it.I think I have it in the family.I'm the fourth in a generation of fishermen.

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There are many reasons why we fish, but the one that sits at the top of list for me is because of my father. This is a very old picture of my sister, brother and myself. The man in the shaded background is "Pa".
I wanted to share this tribute to all fishing fathers out there.
Warning: You many need a tissue after watching.
This video in a sense represents some of the reasons why LOU was born - more of a family friendly atmosphere. To make sure that memories like this keep happening for future generations to come.
So if you haven't already, take the pledge and be sure to put that "Proud Member of LOU" badge on your site and display it proudly!

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With the Lake water temperature at 40 degrees F. the "turnover" is happening. No matter what depth of water you are at, the water temperature is the same. As the temperature drops the lighter cold water will remain on the surface till it freezes at 32 degrees. the Lake bottom depths will remain at 40 degrees all winter until the ice melts. In the spring things will change back to colder water at depths and surface water will rise above 40 degrees unless it is influenced by nearby streams or power plants.

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