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Bottom lakers

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Set downrigger weight down on the botom and troll along can be a lot harder to do in the fingerlakes with the steep drop offs but the idea is to stir up the mud attracting fish. Problem being since the intruduction of zebra mussels it can make a mess out of your rigs. Back in the 80s we used to drag copper along the bottom with victrolla reels and large Suttons of phlugar spoons old timers called it making corn rows. Nothing beets handling a large lake trout off the bottom on single strand copper wire. I still use old window weights as downrigger weights when I'm in close dragging bottom helps keep my rigs of the bottom but keeps them close.

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If im in 100, ive got 120 or more of cable. Out. I drag, use scotty releases, the tether, keeps the main lures off the bottom above the mud cloud, this will get you bites. Play with lead length until it works. 5 foot to 80 foot. Every day is different.


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its not bottom bouncing its contour fishing. you have to know something about the lake you are fishing. best way to learn. get out and fish. it takes time. you wont learn it here. these finger lakes can be tough lakes to fish bottom. down riggers are not meant to fish bottom.  those weights will hang up and you will loose everything including the down rigger. most of the guys that fish these finger lakes use copper with a heavy spoon and fish it down to 90 ft. try fishing these lakes inside 90 ft. the bottom contour is up and down. you have to know the lake.  this contour fishing is very skilled fishing. not many fisherman know how to do it. they all talk about it but most of them have no idea how to do it. this is very skilled fishing. you have to know how to control your trolling speed and boat control. its not about buying all the fancy electronics we here about today. that stuff catches fisherman. so what is bottom fishing. ask 10 fisherman and you will get 10 different answers. the easy and cheap way to fish bottom. use a jig. very popular with the younger guy. my way fish the contour with wire and lite rod and reel and 12 to 16 ounce sinker with dead bait or spoons. it catches fish but not the big fish. you wont get many big fish on the bottom. 15 to 25 inches are common. anything bigger you have to fish up if you want big fish.  

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