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Fishing poles for sale 500 takes all

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Lol... could you have put any less effort into this ad? No words just one single picture of a pile of rods, come on.  This is one of the reasons I have always liked the idea of a minimum post count required before you can post in classifieds.   

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If anybody is really interested, there is an easy way to see what there is to see. Go to view on your task bar and continue to zoom in . Zoom in a few times and you will see a lot of little zebcos ,almost exclusively open or closed spinning reels. 1 nice surf casting rod and one or two casting reels of a certain age. There are a few little tags on some rods which makes me think that this is "over stock" from  a pawn shop.

The seller could donate them to the salvation army, and make a bunch of poor kids happy.

Selling them for $500? I don't think that is very reasonable.


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