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Trolling salmon at Oswego

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Question for all.  If been out with mixed results, fished shallow and out to 100.  Marking fish, no takers.  Ran sticks, spoons you name it.  Anyone running flashers, flies, etc. 

Any suggestions.  Been running between 1.9 to 3.0.  Boards etc.  

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Flasher/fly along the bottom in 50-100' will catch lakers right now.  Spoons up high would be bread and butter for the other species.  Your welcome.

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In regards specifically to Oswego. When did you fish & where? Lots of Browns in & around and just outside the harbor walls & near shore.

As for the Kings before the east wind last Friday there was plenty around, we did best 40-70' Short cores, shallow divers & riggers all taking fish.

After Friday there was some still around just not as many. Few here & there in small pockets.

Die-Hard, NBK, Frost-Bite & Moonshine Crab face in that order all produced

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