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Just looked at a pic of my dock from May 5 two years ago . Water is about 3 " lower now than then.  Launched my little boat,at Sandy today , before they decide to close the launch . 

Water is at least 6" over parts of the launch docks and starting to come up on the pavement . Got in the boat and had my son back me in so I wouldn't get my feet wet . A matter of time before they close it IMO  . 

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This is the street in front of our trailer in Marblehead, Ohio and the second picture is the channel behind the trailer, the water is up over the sea wall, it’s looking like it’s going to be another bad water year! 2B91D780-3069-47EB-93C9-EBB65308529C.thumb.jpeg.3424168b133d68fb7796502acd245cc5.jpegC562D9D0-4368-4A8C-83BA-7D8CECA08FEF.thumb.jpeg.44c5e625de77701a1eff0f9dada3c22d.jpeg

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