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big easy

for sale : usa 2 Mitchell reels with 300 feet of copper

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I have 2 Mitchell Riptide reels for sale, each with 300' of 30lb copper.and braid backing one is backed with 65 lb Power pro and the other has  Cabelas braid.Both have about 300 yards of backing.Each also has leaders of flourcarbon.

Reels have a 4:1 gear ratio and a line capacity of 530 yards of 30 lb monofilament and 3 ball bearings. These reels were originally only sold in England and were popular with salt water cod fishermen.The drags are very smooth.and are salt resistant. They work perfectly. we just have too many rods in the boat so we are cutting back.

If anyone is interested we will be in Olcott for the last two weeks in May. so they could be picked up there. I could also ship them Priority mail flat rate for about $10.00 each.


ASKING $75.00 FOR EACH.  (Both are the same just different colors)







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