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Otisco report


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Well the water hasn't warmed much,52 sat afternoon, but overall things are shaping up.



We are just starting to catch casting at night in several locations.  Bait is just starting to show up so things will continue to improve.  Weeds aren't a factor yet, but will be in couple weeks.  Daytime trolling is also producing on shelves in 15-20 fow.  It's a tough troll unless you have an accurate map and boards are the play.  I boated 7 and released 5 between casting and trolling.  Still struggled to land them trolling below 2.2 GPS speed.



Bite is on 10-15 fow fishing over weeds for small to low 30s fish.  Trolling is especially effective.  I boated 8 in an less than an hour.  Big fish are deep still to my knowledge, but catchable.



Smallies can be found almost anywhere, but for bigger fish look for them staging in 15-20 fow on shelves waiting to move up to spawn.  I didn't have time to try casting for them, but trolled over a dozen in the 3-4 lb range in those locations.  There are some tanks already suspended feeding on bait...I trolled 2 over 6lbs.



Nice catches of crappie in the 12" range are coming from the pond side in several locations.  I haven't tried for them up north or heard anything from that end.  


Overall Friday to Saturday evening was very productive by all accounts.





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Finally got out for my first night of walleye fishing last night and did very well in 3 hours of fishing.  Started off jigging up 2 tank small mouths then switched to top waters at dusk for walleyes.  Went 4 for 7 after missing the first few light biters before they were finally ready to commit. Biggest was 26” and smallest was 22” and all went for bright colors crawled on top in very stained, high water. Lots of debris in the water so boaters beware.



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Night shift is a tough shift but I’m sure that’s all you’ve been thinking about since you’ve gotten rested up , the tug is the drug.......and it is what fuels us night walleye guys.......especially over bait........I tell the guys that go out with me, I know your tired but trust me you’ll thank me for keeping you out cause it’s all you’ll think about for the next week is getting back on that bite..........and they all admit later after our trip that I’m right.......way to go boyz.

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Still haven't caught one on true top water dead sticking yet this season but I had on blow me up but somehow missed the lure.  This year the jig bite is the best I've seen and they hit it so hard.  The jig seems to be have the biggest advantage over sticks on flat clear conditions.

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