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cannon mag 10a motor

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I have a mag10a with a tired motor.Ive tried having a electric motor man try and fix it.he said he could not find any issue with it.

The motor definitly stalls pulling in a 12 lb weigh.I dont mind slower speed retreival.Anyone have any ideas where i could fix this problem.



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The Mag 10A motor assembly has a internal gear arrangement with three plastic pucks.  When those pucks disintegrate the motor begins to “skip” on retrevial.  Pull output gear off shaft and lift cover to expose the pucks.  I made some new pucks for a rigger I used to have- think I might have the jig and the composite material to make more.  Cannon doesn’t have motors for that model available.  I had trouble finding pieces to fix my rigger and that was probably 7 years ago. 

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20 hours ago, Kwall said:

I end up replacing the motor, after I replace everything in there , I believe I got it from fish307

Yours must have been a Mag 10... which uses a completely different motor than the Mag 10a. The Mag 10a uses a cylinder shaped motor and they are not made anymore, the Mag 10 uses a much flatter motor which you can still get replacements for but they aren't cheap. If you can't fix the 10a motor yourself, sorry to say but you're gonna be out of luck. I went through this deal with the original riggers that came on my boat and ended up getting rid of the Mag 10a's and picking up some Mag 5HS. Much better retrieval rate and easier to find replacement parts.

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John - If memory serves me correctly the max recommended weight for the 10A's (which I have also) is 10 lbs.  They are pretty slow even with the 10 lb weights....I'm thinking maybe if you've been using the 12 lb weights for some time the motor itself may be worn down too. I would imagine someone on here has some  10A 's with other problems perhaps and the motor is still intact. Might want to ask right in the classifieds. I enjoy your posts by the way.:smile:

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