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for sale : usa Starcraft islander


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Ok, boat is back for sale. Asking $4,000. I want to be clear and honest I had the boat for sale and had a deal but the buyer backed out after giving me a deposit. He was worried about the previous reverse issue (boat was not going into reverse but worked perfect forward). 


I decided instead of people wondering if there was a major issue I would have the boat fixed. Turns out it was a simple cable adjustment like I suspected. The boat runs perfect and test rides are available.


boat title in hand. 


Comes with 4 cannon electric downriggers with auto stop. 

Also a lowrance fishfinder with gps. 

I redid the floors last year and they are brand new and solid. New carpet.

New fuel lines. 

Brand new seat. 

Ship to shore radio. 

Cannon swivel bases. 



The trailer is not registered due to the previous owner having no title in hand. I spoke with a Pennsylvania enhanced inspection and they advised it is not hard to get a new homemade title. 


Any questions please ask. (570) 582 952920180616_151612.thumb.jpg.efb3976b22cdec84691a3931273cd16c.jpg20180616_180347.thumb.jpeg.debcff18496fcdd06526eee270c6069f.jpeg20180823_131824.thumb.jpg.7d417470e251b896e2d4759ee4158263.jpgDCA69FB2-73E3-46CC-B489-786CB96E4499.thumb.jpeg.aa084c986fc149a4de2064ad231cc07a.jpeg


Thanks, mike

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