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SODUS Lodging


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Thanks in advance for any info.


My wife and I are looking at staying in Sodus area this week for 1-2 nights.  Never been real fond of B&B lodging but if someone has a great recommendation we could reconsider.


need secure parking for my Fishmaster 196.


right now Screwy Louie's looks like my best bet, but 30 minutes away from my launch site.


Any ideas?


Thanks again


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What’s your price range?  I rent a house from a guy in greig street that has two great rentals.  Bay front facing the lake.  If not try the lodge on Grieg street.  Both are great options 

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Thanks for all the responses.  We ended up going to Oswego.  Hammered the Kings.  All came on spoons, Wonder Bread was top spoon.  All came in 60-85FOW and down between 25 and 40'. Water temp at 40' was 44.2deg.  6 for 10 on kings with 2 lakers tossed in.  Lead core, (5 color) and down riggers did all the work.


Went to Oswego because I heard about  Sunset RV Park.  We stayed in one of their cabins. Small but all we want is a bed, bathroom, and coffe maker.  Parked boat right next to cabin.  Only $67 ( including tax).  Bob runs the place, great guy.  Never been to Wright's Landing.  Wow, top of the line launch site.

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