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Bass Fishing near Brockport - need any help I can get


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Hey guys, I love bass fishing and I get out a lot back home in WNY because I know where all the honey holes and lakes are. However, I started college this year at Brockport as an Environmental Science major and landed a job this summer doing research with Dr. Rinchard. I brought a couple of rods and my tackle box and my kayak hoping to do some fishing in my downtime. The issue is that I have no clue where to go. theres only limited info on the internet and I have done hours of searching trying to find some spots that arent super far and that i can access via foot or kayak. i found a couple ponds and I know lake ontario is right here but I dont know where to go in the lake. If you guys can point me in the right direction and give me some spots I would greatly appreciate it. I am only 18 and im doing this strictly for fun and Im just catching and releasing and trying to learn more about the sport. In addition, if you guys can think of any ponds or lakes within about 30 minutes or so of the brockport area I would be more than willing to hear you out. As I said Im just catching and releasign so if anyone wants to PM me their honeyholes or secret ponds I wouldnt pose any threat and I would greatly appreciate it. thanks in advance.

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Kayak fish the canal - believe it or not there's pretty decent bass fishing throughout the canal and it can be a fun summer time spot. All I really do is jig along the rock lines, it's some of the easiest bass fishing you can do but I've never really fished through Brockport so I can't say how good it would be around there. 



I'd recommend registering and posting this same question to bassresource.com. This board's bass section is pretty dead. Bass Resource is way more active and has a lot of people from our area regularly posting. 


Other than that, get out and explore your new area. That's half the fun.

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Don't overlook the canal right there in town. I used to operate the Main  Street and Park Ave bridges when I went to college there. The section that is west of the Main Street bridge was best and it was just a matter of casting off the edge near the path that runs along it; It was best in the evening. crank baits or jigs with Mr. Twisters or Rattle Traps.

Another place fairly nearby is Adams Basin near the bridge there. A few nice smallies there. It was a long time ago that I fished it but I have talked with people that live near there recently and the bass are still in there. It can vary from year to year though because sometimes they drain the canal for maintenance during the off season.


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