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Spring LOC derby results from Great Lakes Lures Fishing Team.

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FB_IMG_1558392565705.jpgFB_IMG_1558392502637.jpgFB_IMG_1558392495357.jpgFB_IMG_1558392495357.jpgFB_IMG_1558392484927.jpgFB_IMG_1558392476749.jpgFB_IMG_1558392476749.jpgFB_IMG_1558392462760.jpgFB_IMG_1558392451353.jpgFB_IMG_1558392433411.jpgFB_IMG_1558385754004.jpgMiss Theresa Philbin managed to put up a 20.02 king this year for us to secure our first ever placement in the LOC and our first year at our new home, Lake Ontario. Her fish hit a #35 rattler in glo wonderbread pattern, On a 3 color lead core. We had some good days and some rough days, but when we got dialed in, we were fully dialed in!

We would also like to congratulate Jonathan Forder, Richard Converse and team (Mister Squirrelly) for their 11th place finish at the Wilson Harbor Invitation and giving us the opportunity of being one of their spoons of choice during that event. Making it our debut year for that event and we did not disappoint.... Big thanks to those guys and to Nick Long who got us all hooked up.

Things are shaping up to be a very good year for us. Thanks so much to all who help us. You all know who you are and its too many to mention, and we are very grateful! Tight lines All!


Until we move our facilities we will not have a website. Our traffic is already too much to handle and until we can move to the new facility we can not support a website. You can always contact me personally here with a PayPal account and we can accommodate you. I appreciate your understanding, thank you!


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