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Air Brush Paints


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I've been reviving some of my old spoons by repainting them with an air brush. What has everyone that does this found to be the best type of paint to use? I've just been using a water based hobby paint and then heat curing them. Works OK but I was wondering if there is something better.



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I should try and actually answer your question.  I use Createx and Wicked airbrush paints.  The Hobby Lobby in town has them.  They may look expensive, but a little goes a long way.  The Wicked pearl paints are great.  Tried hobby paints from WalMart and they are a PIA, as they need to be thinned.  I also use a hair drier to set the paint.  When you put on your clearcoat, be sure to watch out for puddles or thick coats, as they tend to pull/wrinkle the paint. 

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