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Hi guys,


I fish Lake Ontario all the time, where we occasionally stumble upon an Atlantic or two.  Now I've got the itch to try specifically for Atlantic's in Cayuga.  I have never been to any of the finger lakes to fish.  Any suggestions where to launch, and what works best this time of year?


Also, how's the boat traffic?  I am guessing it gets pretty busy around Memorial Day?

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I would imagine not much boat traffic memorial day. Water  is still cold and I think most fishing boats will be on Seneca. I do not fish for atlantics specifically but do catch a few fishing for lakers.They can be anywhere so most all the state launches are good. Silver fish fishermen are pretty tight lipped.

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Ill pm you



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Couple days ago I fished Cayuga in the long point , steam plant area.  I took landlocks  30 feet back in the prop wash. 12 to 22 inches.  Spoons about a foot bellow the surface.  2.0 2.4 speed.  This is typical for them.  Also a 19 inch rainbow.  Lakers were 40 to 55 down.on spoons.  I always run a spoon in the wash. Waters cold.  Look for 48 to 55 degree.  55 is almost no where.

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