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With the high water coming in on our lots, the carp are cruising through the swamp and into the grass. Groups of fish doing their spawning. I got a few to eat a crayfish pattern yesterday. These are my first Carp on a fly. Fights were great, they went in and out of the swamp as I played them trying to keep them out of snags. All were revived and swam away. The first is a mirror carp, which I heard are relatively uncommon in the northeast! Fun times!!!




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Just to split hairs...:-P…. That carp with a few scales towards the tail is called a leather carp. Mirror carp have absolutely no scales. Like a bullhead. We used to catch all three (mirrors, leathers and common) plus big, all orange and all blue, goldfish carp when I was a kid. Heck, there were probably grass carp there too...never caught one though. On Long Island in Rockville Center....Smith Pond. Nice deal catching them on flies!   :yes:

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