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for sale : usa Who make the longest dipsy rod

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I've got two Winfield & Pilette RP2 Tournament Series Custom Dipsy Rods that are like new.

They are their TS 12020 12 footers.    Two Piece Medium Action 15-50 lb dipsy rods w/10 Pacific Bay Shock Ring Guides.    If anyone is looking for longer dipsy rods.... I'm looking for a new home for these because I don't use them.    These are super durable rods.   Very similar construction to the old ugly stik big water rods.    Retail on these rods was $219.99 each.... but I'm willing to deal if someone can use them.   

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I've never seen the attraction of long rods.


I much prefer to fight fish on a 7' rod than a 9' rod, and we only use the later because it's what's available for our outside Dipsys. 


x2 with John on the "friendly neighborhood rod builder" lol.

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