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Rolled out of Bald Eagle harbor an set down in the 140 fow an pinged from thier to 160 all morning for a nice steady pick,. Kept the riggers parked at 45 n 60. Deployed the 200 copper an 10 color as well. Spoon bite again for me. Caught some nice 18lbrs an bunch of spunky fish to finish with a 16for 22 bite day. Stud spoons were a mix of green to orange. Three kept for dinner an the rest released to fight another time.

Tight lines to allIMG_20190601_093909.thumb.jpeg.7a23c73d8a64b8439348b67030b97d28.jpegIMG_20190601_105826.thumb.jpeg.3a260134710dacece9a235a3371db1ff.jpegIMG_20190601_105837.thumb.jpeg.a94fea89ddd40ae5e1c117fe9050133f.jpegIMG_20190601_094047.thumb.jpeg.18eeb3dabb83994d41b944f5ab3ecba2.jpegIMG_20190601_110036.thumb.jpeg.094239e325a728adee88b4aa5e9ac539.jpegIMG_20190601_110058.thumb.jpeg.7c6e9501bfcbb8d198137c35e802b2b8.jpegIMG_20190601_110401.thumb.jpeg.16283a32966fb643f7878879314ebd7b.jpegIMG_20190601_112953.thumb.jpeg.f8c32c28453d90c571920131a36a2bc7.jpegIMG_20190601_112752.thumb.jpeg.94c408d1f374986c4152382f32f60e8f.jpegIMG_20190601_110745.thumb.jpeg.bfff461278bf180535574863d26b3a5c.jpegIMG_20190601_134319.thumb.jpeg.826c635b15c7a515426a1b501a45052a.jpeg


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