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CNY Muskies Inc. Waneta Lake Tournament and 1st Annual Chapter Challenge

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We had a great turnout for the CNY Muskies Inc. Waneta Lake Tournament & Chapter Challunge on Saturday. Rain concluded the registration right at 7am with Chapter 70 signing in 15 members and 7 guest and Chapter 69 signing in 16 members and 4 guests for a pretty level match up.

After brief bouts of rain and sounds of distant thunder booms through mid morning the sun came out and the fish started eating, some of them quite large.

3rd place was captured by Ed First who put a 37" in the bag while fishing with Bobby Dymond and Chapter 70 President Trevor Thieme.

2nd place was awarded to Rick Waigerman with a 43" for team Musky Maulers.

1st place went to Nikki Boxler who was fishing with her fiance Mike Guinan when she came up huge for the win with a 50" as well as a 33.5" taking home the first place money as well as the Big Fish pool. Congratulations Nikki and Mike!

At the end of the day CNY Muskies Inc. took home the Champions Cup for the 1st annual Chapter Challunge by a score of 43 - 9 points!!! Chapter 69 will be purchasing the commemorative engraved plate for the base of the cup. Thank you Chapter 69 for being great sportsman and musky anglers, you are all true assets to New York's future musky fishing. Great job everyone from Chapter 70 that fished hard to make this win possible, we had a blast and we hope everyone that attended did as well!

Thank you to everyone that helped make this event work and a very special thank you is in order for our president as well, Trevor Thieme!!

Trevor puts in literally countless hours to make sure everything that his club is involved with is done to the absolute best of our abilities and in a way that is fair for and represents everyone involved. Without Trevor there would be no CNY Chapter 70, no tournament trail, no champions cup, and most importantly many of us wouldn't have met allot of the amazing people that we have over the past 2 seasons. So next time you see Trevor please see the dedicated hard working individual that is responsible for the bulk of making it all happen.

We hope to see you back at Otisco Lake June 8th for the next stop on the 2019 Tournament Trail!!FB_IMG_1559520871542.jpegreceived_1233151850176614.jpegreceived_1169014453278936.jpegreceived_2243172052439057.jpegreceived_2467000873529496.jpegreceived_413565945901399.jpeg


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Great event. Had a lot of fun. - congrats to chapt 70 on taking the cup and to Nikki & Mike on real trophy fish!

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