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Skaneateles Trolling on Skaneateles lake.

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Sorry Sir, can't help you with that. Although it's my favorite lake of all times, I've moved from the area, and haven't been able to fish it since about 2015. My best recollection is to try various depths, they are typically scattered until the thermo sets up.


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I have not been out yet this year and I typically do not start fishing Skan until late June due to focusing on warmwater species elsewhere.  Skan landlocks have been tough for me the last 2 years.  Much the same trolling for rainbows but I catch at least one each time out.  Lakers are relatively easy to catch.  Small spoons at 1.8 to 2.6 mph has worked best for me in the past and pretty much the whole lake holds fish. I would start riggers 25 to 30 down if going out now and see what the electronics tells you.  I would also run a flat line on planers early or mini-dipseys.  Lakers prefer a bit deeper water and slower speeds and usually are schooled.  Getting the lure away from the boat is also important due to the clear water..  Good luck.

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