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Potential Amateur rule changes for the Kevin Davis Memorial Oswego Pro-Am

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Just a heads up for those of you who are, or may be considering fishing the AM division of The Kevin Davis Memorial Oswego Pro Am that there will most likely be some very positive and much needed rule changes for this year.  This is very unofficial, as the powers to be have final word but a group of us regulars have been talking with the committee about unifying the Oswego rules with the Sodus rules for this year and it sounds like it should happen. 

The main changes would be AM teams would weigh in a 7 fish box, consisting of 6 silver fish ( salmon, steelhead or brown trout) and one bonus lake trout that would be worth 10 points.  The advantage to this format is it opens up the tournament to two person teams !  In the past, the 9 fish limit required a 3 man team.   This is huge !!  I fished Sodus with just myself and my son for years, taking both a second and first place finish as a father/son team and It's one of my fondest life memories. 



I'm sure they'll make it official soon, so with the outlook favorable for reseeding water in July and the incredible fishing this season consider signing up and honoring Kevin Davis by making this a great turnout !!!  It's sure to be an amazing time !!!   


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