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Fished out of Braddock Bay today solo. Got to the lake about 6am and started setting up 2 dipsy rods with flies on them. Went to set up a rigger with spoon and the port dipsy fires. Fought with him for 15 minutes then the second dipsy rod fires. The first salmon gets tangled in the second dipsy rod and when I finally get him netted there is a mess of tangled wire lines. The second salmon got off but good way to start the morning. Took about 45 minutes to untangle and retie some leaders. By this time the fleet of boats were making their way out deeper so I set up out in about 190 feet. Ended up getting a small king on the rigger. Started to go back shallower since not seeing anything on my depth finder. Then rigger goes off and the drag starts to scream. Feels like a pretty good one. So as I'm fighting this one my starboard dipsy goes off- double again! Got the rigger salmon all the way to the boat but sloppy netting on my part, missed the fish but caught the treble in the net. Bye bye salmon. Guessing it was 18lbs or so.Grabbed the dipsy rod- salmon still there! Able to bring him to the net. Went 3-5 with two doubles. First time I've ever had a double when salmon fishing solo let alone twice in one outing!

Got back to the dock and drove my trailer next to the ramp. Waiting for a guy ahead of me looking to launch. Paid his $4 and the bar went up, backed his boat to the water, unhooked everything and then threw a wad of rope tied to the bow, then onto the dock without tying it to anything. Backs up the boat into the water and away goes the boat as the wad of rope starts to follow. Guy jumps out of his truck to grab the line before it hits the water and does so. Unfortunately for him he left the truck in reverse and the truck is going deeper and deeper into the water. He quickly jumps back in his truck and was able to drive it out of the water just before water could enter his cab- probably with about a half second to spare before his truck would have joined his boat. By this time I had jumped out of my car and grabbed his boat. Turns out it was his first time launching a boat. Told him it will get easier with practice. Glad it didn't end in a disaster for him and a reminder we've all done some stupid things with out boats.

0608191151-5 salmon.jpg

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Nice job fishing solo and also nice of you to help a guy in need. I went out of braddocks this morning but stayed in 75-100fow with little luck. Lost 2 nice ones that came unbuttoned after a few minute fight. Went 5-10 yesterday afternoon in 75 fow.

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I'm glad there arn't cameras at every boat launch  I've used. Sleep deprivation is an awful thing. Good luck to all!

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