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Well let's face it, the stream run Kings don't fight half as hard as the lake ones. I caught a few two years ago in the Genesee river. No comparison.

Stren Vanish....interesting.  I have a friend who learned the hard way.  We joke about his experiment with stren Vanish...….It makes your fish "vanish" is the line I came up with for him.   he thought it was great....4 times the line for the same price.  I told him he'd regret it.  He did.
In all seriousness and to try to help you.     I run 30# leader on my clean bait heads.  40# on my bait heads with twinkies.  20# with spoon lines or 15# with spoon lines if its mixed fishing (not just salmon) and a softer rod.  As you mentioned in one of your posts, the only reason to use fluoro is its invisible.  So take advantage of that and beef up!
River fishing - Drennan has a harder surface than the seguar.    I caught 4 kings on 8# Drennan trolling with brown trout gear this spring .  

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