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help on a muskie rod and reel

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Everyone has their personal preferences when it comes to muskie rod and reel combos. I would recommend a Gander Mountain IM8 muskie rod in 7'6" length medium heavy action. Team it up with a good baitcasting reel such as the Ambassadeur 6500C3, Shimano Corvalus, or the Gander Mountain Guide Series reels and you'd be good to go. Line choice would be 50 to 80 pound test TUF-Line XP, Power Pro or Cortland Spectron.

Of course you can spend a lot more money on equipment, but this set up would suit any muskie fishing situation from casting bucktails to trolling cranbaits.

I've never fished the Susquehanna, but have a friend who has done quite well fishing a stretch in Pa. for muskies. I would like to give it a try.



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I don't actually target musky, but I've caught several over 50" out of the Susky while walleye fishing in cold water. You might get away with lighter line then.. but if you're going for them in warm water, I'd say a minimum of 50# would do. Personally, I like PowerPro. Good Fishing, Sluggo (Chris)

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