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Back at it 2019

Prof T

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After 8 weeks since a cervical fusion surgery I finally got the OK to get back in a boat yesterday morning. Had her ready, launched in the afternoon and called Kevin.


We fished the SLR 9 till 11 in really nice conditions, although you had to adjust for higher than normal current and be on the lookout for debris. Picked up 2 and lost a third half way to the boat. One of us got skunked but didn't really care because you realize just being part of it, after having it taken away, is more important than the tally in the livewell.


That being said, I'm down 2 and plan to even the score ASAP!


Tight lines

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Way to go Prof T have not even tried fishing yet this year down there , had big boat out twice so far both times late morning to early afternoon just so i could say i had the boat in the water both times seen a lot of debris. Weather has not been the best either hopefully can start going after this next round of rain. Tight lines.

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