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If you are looking for another alternative for smallies do yourself a favor and try the ned rig in green pumpkin.   This bait is very simple to fish and the less action you give it the better.  Let it sink and drag it along mostly letting it sit.

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You guys can give Yamamoto your money ,but I use  the Bass pro Stiko in 3 and 4" and sometimes 5" . Also Yum dinger or Big bite Baits . Bass pro make a 31/2" forktail also . 

Goto colors are green pumpkin , Houdini and my best the last month ,sprayed grass . 

I have been Ned rigging before Ned rigging was invented . I fish in water up to 12 ft so I don't need a heavy jighead. 

 I have found jighead weight is CRITICAL ! 


I use 1/32 or 1/16 . Sometimes an 1/8 or 1/4 if it's windy with the bigger baits . 


Problem was you can't get a jighead that lite with a big enough hook and I got sick of paying 1$ each for the Z man 

Mushroom heads . So I bought a mold and had my machines buddy alter the mold to take a 1,2 or 4 hook . 


The last few days I have taken a 1/8 oz tungsten worm weight with a sinker stop behind as  a stop and Snell tie a #4 or 2 octopus hook . Worm weight not fixed . Basically Carolina rig . 16 to 24" lead . 


Been great for finicky fish . Can't weight to try a Craw pappy this weekend at Saranac . 




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