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for sale : usa Panther T 4 remote steering

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Bought this T4 remote steering new. Just installed it on my new boat this morning only to find out with my set up I didn't have the clearance when my motor is titled up. My main motor hits the panther steering rod. So I had to take it right back off. It was pretty slick except for the fact of the clearance to my main motor. I tried to figure out every way possible to make it work . I loved the way it worked and the ease of set up. I paid $500 plus. My loss is your gain. It will come in original box and packaging. All manuals. It was only installed and used for about 5 minutes. It moves the motor from right to left pretty quickly. I was impressed. I will let it go for $375 TYD.






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I have one of these on my lake boat. great product, you can steer from anywhere in the boat. I think I paid 650.00 for mine 2 years ago. so your not going to beat the price. 

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