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Canister Fuel Filter Stuck

Sea Lion

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Hi Gang,

     Looking for some advice.  I have a Sierra Fuel Filter that is one of those canister in line fuel filters that separates the water from the gas.  I am trying to replace my 2018 filter however when I try to unscrew it, the filter turns however it is turning inside and is not unscrewing.  It turns super tight and I'm afraid I am going to break the plastic housing the filter is housed on.Ugh!  Any experience when this happens.


This is my 2019 boat challenge!!




Bob  Lyons



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    Thanks for replying.  It feels like the inside of the canister is turning but the the actual part where it is screwed is not moving.  Hence, the filter turns but not the screwed in part.  This is just my hunch and what it feels like for me.




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Punch a screw driver through it and use that? I would just keep unscrewing it as it sounds like the housing is shot and will need to be replaced. I haven't ever seen a plastic one.

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