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Seneca Seneca Falls Sewage Discharge

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Just an FYI


Issued: 06-20-2019, 11:24:10 

Affects: New York - Seneca - Seneca Falls Sewage Discharge


The Seneca Falls (T) WWTP, NY0033308 is issuing this notification.

Discharge location: 9.5 Seneca Street, Seneca Falls, NY

Location details: 

Waterbody affected: canal

Discharge description: Eq Tank leak

Potentially impacted public areas: Fishing Area - canal east of the locks

Discharge date and time: 06-20-2019 at 12:00:00

Discharge duration: Aprox 24 hrs Hours Ongoing

Discharge reason: System Capacity -  heavey rains

Steps taken to contain discharge: waiting for flows to lower then drain EQ tank to the plant

Volume/rate of discharge: 20 Gallons per Minute Estimated 

Treated state of discharge: Untreated

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I'm sure it already has. That location is about 1 mile upstream on the canal that flows into the North end of Cayuga. Depending on currents it could run South towards Cayuga state park but more likely will get pulled towards the Seneca river and up towards Montezuma. More apt to expose bullhead, bass, perch in the shallow North end.

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Sad but true. Word is that back in the 70's and '80's the Chemical company in Waterloo would discharge in that canal and turn the water florescent green or orange so I guess a little human discharge is minimal impact in comparison. Runoff from sloping fields that get livestock manure spread are probably as bad or worse

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