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Yamaha Variable trolling speed (VTS)


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 I have been looking at some 25 HP outboards and am interested in Yamaha due to its new feature of Variable trolling speed (VTS) which allows adjustment of as little as 10 rpm at a time.


Has anyone used the Yamaha with this feature and,if so, how well did it work ?


Thanks,  Jack

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Works great. I have a 2014 F70LA that I hooked one up myself. The connector is there on any late model four stroke that is available in a tiller model. Mine is not a tiller but I bought a single pole, double throw switch and wired it into the existing connector. I believe the tiller models come with the switch standard. It will go from 600 rpm to 1000 rpm in 50 rpm increments. Yamaha now offers a switch and wiring harness setup that can be bought for non tiller models up to 115 hp.

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