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2019 Port of Rochester Multi-Species Challenge- 6/28/19

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We had a great time today and the Port of Rochester staff was terrific!  Our port lived up to it's reputation as a multi-species destination!!!  Many terrific and happy people were fishing today and I have to say that I love my job!!!

Here's the results!!

1st place- Team Hookedup!  with a 22.68 lb king salmon that won also won the DeGeorge Ceilings Big King award today!!!  Congratulations!!

2nd place- Team Windbreaker with an outstanding box!  They won big lake trout and big steelhead too!  Great job!

3rd place- Hammerhead- They were holding on to the big king award right up until the end when Hookedup stuck up and took the honor.  Nice work !

4th place- Missdemeanor- Awesome box boys!

5th place- Drunk N Disorderly- Congratulations

6th place- Candy- Congratulations

7th place- Hells Bells-  Great work!


The Biggest Brown trout goes to team Fly N Fish with a just beautiful trout!  How about a nice warm cup of 13.96 lbs!!  If only it was caught tomorrow.......LOC...... Congrats.

I will post everyone's scores asap.


Come on out to see the weigh in tomorrow at the Port of Rochester at 3 p.m.  The tall ship is there to see as well.

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Here's the list of Teams and their scores, in order of weigh in on Friday Multi Species 6/28/19

Bullseye- 69.39  points

Windbreaker- 93.1 

Missdemeanor- 88.6

Candy- 88.46

Freedom Charters- 60.01

Always Something- 81.03

Hells Bells- 85.84

Fly N Fish- 50.24

Jager Boat- 79.11

Hammerhead- 89.45

Double D- 82.33

Goliath- 62.25

Dandy Eyes- 65.43

Reelaxin' 66.11

Mike, Mike, Mike and me- 65.54

Richmond IV- 62.73

Drunk and Disorderly- 88.6

It's A Fishal- 60

Tip Touchers- 63.38

Fishing For Fun- 66.25

5 More Minutes- 77.47

Screamin' Pirates- 62.25

Hooked Up- 95.21

Make The Turn- 36.29

Rochester Sport Fishing- 57.5

Shark Bite- 80.99

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