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Braddocks on Friday

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On my way out very early Friday there was a large grass “clump” that caught my eye just beyond markers and to the east. It was gone when I returned. Looked like a duck blind...bird watchers?



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Monocultural cattail stands are often "floating" on a slurry of bottom mud and bay water, and little islands of cattail  were commonly encountered anywhere from just east of the bay mouth all the way to Ontario Beach prior to the wetlands project at Braddock.  While the Headlands Breakwater is supposed to reduce the amount of wave action breaking off the cattail mats, it is likely that erosion is being exacerbated along the Salmon Creek channel by the higher water.  Maybe you saw one of these. From discussion with a major birder in the area, a blind would not be necessary, the birds started coming to the headlands before they were even completed 

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