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New guy question here...when captains say 50 over 130...what does that mean? 

Means lure was down 50 feet and that the boat was in 130 feet of water.

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I was down 50 feet because I always try to Target 47 degrees. The fish hawk tells you what temp it is down in the water column. I fished for a few years without the fish hawk. Since investing in the temp gauge my results are 1000x better. Attached is a handheld unit. You can hook this up to a swivel and two ounce weight and let it down. Then reel it up. It will scroll thru the depth in 5 foot increments and will show the temp next to the depth. When you find your desired temp set your downriggers or divers (dipseys) to that depth. This will/should significantly increase you odds of catching fish.


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